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Checkpoint Firewall Administration R80

Checkpoint Firewall Administration R80

Comprehensive Course for learning CheckPoint Firewall Administration R80 in just 7 Hours.

Language: ENGLISH
Creator: Amit Upadhyay


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What you will Learn?

NGFW Basics

Ø  Why do we need NGFW?

Ø  Stateful Inspection

Ø  UTM-Features (CheckPoint)

Ø  Which NGFW to use

CheckPoint Firewall Introduction             

Ø  What is Checkpoint?

Ø  Hardware- Software-OS Matrix

Ø  Components of CheckPoint Firewall

Ø  Checkpoint Installation Scenarios

About CheckPoint Lab

Ø  Virtualization Brief

Ø  Course Lab Components

Standalone CheckPoint Installation

Ø  Standalone Deployment Lab Brief

Ø  Virtual Switch Deployment in Hyper V

Ø  Gaia Installation in Hyper V

Ø  Standalone Deployment & Configuration

Ø  Smart Console (GUI Client) Installation

Distributed CheckPoint Installation

Ø  Distributed Deployment Lab Brief

Ø  Deploy Management Server ISO in Hyper V

Ø  Configure Checkpoint Management Server

Ø  Deploy Firewall ISO in Hyper V

Ø  Configure Checkpoint Firewall

Ø  Integrate Firewall & Management Server (SIC)

Ø  SIC Troubleshooting

CheckPoint -Initial Configuration Tasks

Ø  Initial Config Task-1 (Expert Mode)

Ø  Initial Config Task-2 (Enable Checkpoint Blades)

Ø  Initial Config Task-3 (Topology & Address Spoofing)

Administrative Tasks & Configurations

Ø  Checkpoint Database Lock

Ø  Manage GUI clients

Ø  Manage Administrators & Permissions

Ø  Basic Policy Objects & Rules

Network Address Translation

Ø  Network Address Translation (Theory)

Ø  Network Address Translation Lab Brief

Ø  Deploy Node-1 (Windows) on Hyper V

Ø  Checkpoint NAT Configuration & Testing

CheckPoint Policy Management

Ø  Policy Package Management

Ø  Implied Rules & Global Properties

Ø  Policy Layers

Ø  Optimized Policy Design

Ø  Database Revision Control

CheckPoint Clustering Configuration

Ø  CheckPoint Clustering Lab brief

Ø  Deploy Firewall ISOs in VMware

Ø  Configure Cluster Firewalls Members

Ø  Active-Passive & Active-Active Cluster Configuration

CheckPoint Log Administration

Ø  Log & Monitoring Analysis

Ø  Log File Maintenance

Backup & Restore

Ø  Backup & Restore(GAiA)

Ø  Snapshot Management

Ø  Management Policies Backup & Restore

Patch File Installation

Ø  Checkpoint Patch File Installation

User Management & Legacy Authentication

Ø  User Management & External Authentication

Ø  User Authentication & Client Authentication

Identity Awareness Configuration

Ø  Checkpoint Identity Awareness Lab Brief

Ø  Deploy AD Server in Hyper V

Ø  Create Groups and Users on AD Server

Ø  Integrate Firewall & AD server (Identity Awareness Blade)

Ø  Identity Awareness Logs

HTTPS Inspection

Ø  SSL Theory

Ø  HTTPS Inspection Lab Brief

Ø  Enable HTTPS Inspection

Ø  HTTPS Inspection Policy & Testing

Ø  Deploy Certificate via AD Group Policy

UTM Features Configuration

Ø  Application Control

Ø  URL Filtering

Ø  Content Awareness

Ø  Data Loss Prevention

Virtual Private Network

Ø  Site-to-Site VPN Lab Brief

Ø  Site-to-Site VPN Configuration

License & Contracts Management

Ø  SmartUpdate -Licenses & Contracts Management


  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP, IP Addressing, Networking & Fundamentals of Security and Firewall would be helpful


In this Course, you will learn about CheckPoint Firewall Administration from Basic to Advanced Level within just 7 hours. No prior CheckPoint Knowledge is needed. This course will also help you setup your own Lab and also prepare for your CCSA certification.I have tried to make this course as much simple as possible and as much Informative. it will also prepare you for the Interviews and also get a break in IT security Industry. It provides a platform for aspiring Networking candidates who want to switch to IT Security field and get a grasp on Next Generation firewalls and its Technologies in a very short time.

All possible topics like VPN, Clustering, Log Management, Unified Threat Management, Installation scenarios, patch Management, Configuring a Topology , creating Policies, optimizing Policies, Network Address Translation are covered. This course also covered the Best Deployment practices used in the Industry and some real world scenarios including the Tips and Tricks.

The course is equipped with step-by-step labs for all the topics and it is detailed yet simple. This course will provide you confidence to  work on the Checkpoint and apply the same Methodology to other NGFW as well. You will definitely learn a lot in this course and will surely find this valuable.

  • Grasp complete knowledge about the Checkpoint Firewall, without any prior knowledge

  • Learn to quickly Deploy Checkpoint Firewalls for various Mid-sized to Big clients as per suitable Installation scenario

  • Configure Advance Firewall Features of Checkpoint (Clustering, Site-to-Site VPN, Identity Awareness & UTM features, HTTPS Inspection)

  • Create your own or (Friends) collaborative LAB for Checkpoint using personal Laptops

  • Achieve a few Troubleshooting skills in Checkpoint Firewall and Network

  • Practical Tips and Tricks which may be useful for Checkpoint Firewall Administration

  • Help the students to set their base to achieve the Checkpoint (CCSA) certification




  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile
  • Certificate of Completion

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