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Combo: CCNA 200-301 / MCSA 2016 / Checkpoint Firewall / Cisco ASA Firewall / Network Infrastructure / Basic Networking / English Communication / 100+ Troubleshoot Labs / Career Guidance / Interview Preparation

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About Course

This is a specially designed program for the students and working professionals who wanted to enhance their careers or wanted to start in IT Industry. This Program Include 9 Course to give in and out for your Career.


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All 9 Courses

Course - 1

Learn the Art of Becoming Expert from Manjit Sir

Course - 2

Learn Networking Foundation Level Knowledge.

Course - 3

Understand the Server Technology & Virtualization

Course - 4

Learn how to Secure your IT Infra.

Course - 5

Feel Confident to secure your IT Infra

Course - 6

Learn to become IT Consultant

Course - 7

Enhance your English Communication Skills

Course - 8

Become Expert to understand the IT Infra Problems and how to Rectify.

Course - 9

Get ready to present yourself as Professional and crack interviews to Step forward in your IT Career.

What you will Learn?

Basic by TGM Academy



This course is designed to understand you as a TGM Student, your goals to reach and how to set roadmap to reach the goal.

Below are some Important Topics:

CCNA 200-301


CCNA 200-301

This CCNA course will help you to improve yourself about networking basics, switching & routing technologies, IPv4 and IPv6. If you are a beginner at networking technologies, our CCNA certification program is great for you!

You will get the certification easily with this CCNA course and begin your career in the networking industry. CCNA course, which is prepared by Manjit Singh, covers ALL topics that you need to prepare for the 200-301 (New CCNA) certification exam.

Network Fundamentals
Explain the role and function of network components,
Describe characteristics of network topology architectures,
Compare physical interface and cabling types,
Identify interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, mismatch duplex, and/or speed) Compare TCP to UDP,
Configure and verify IPv4 addressing and subnetting,
Describe the need for private IPv4 addressing,
Configure and verify IPv6 addressing and prefix,
Compare IPv6 address types,
Verify IP parameters for Client OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux),
Describe wireless principles,
Explain virtualization fundamentals (virtual machines),
Describe switching concepts

Network Access
Configure and verify VLANs (normal range) spanning multiple switches,
Configure and verify interswitch connectivity,
Configure and verify Layer 2 discovery protocols (Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP),
Configure and verify (Layer 2/Layer 3) EtherChannel (LACP),
Describe the need for and basic operations of Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol and identify basic operations,
Compare Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP modes,
Describe physical infrastructure connections of WLAN components (AP, WLC, access/trunk ports, and LAG),
Describe AP and WLC management access connections (Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, console, and TACACS+/RADIUS),
Configure the components of a wireless LAN access for client connectivity using GUI only such as WLAN creation, security settings, QoS profiles, and advanced WLAN settings

IP Connectivity
Interpret the components of routing table,
Determine how a router makes a forwarding decision by default Configure and verify IPv4 and IPv6 static routing,
Configure and verify single area OSPFv2,
Describe the purpose of first hop redundancy protoco,

IP Services
Configure and verify inside source NAT using static and pools,
Configure and verify NTP operating in a client and server mode,
Explain the role of DHCP and DNS within the network,
Explain the function of SNMP in network operations,
Describe the use of syslog features including facilities and levels,
Explain the forwarding per-hop behavior (PHB) for QoS such as classification, marking, queuing, congestion, policing, shaping,
Configure network devices for remote access using SSH,
Describe the capabilities and function of TFTP/FTP in the network

Security Fundamentals
Define key security concepts (threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and mitigation techniques),
Describe security program elements (user awareness, training, and physical access control),
Configure device access control using local passwords,
Describe security password policies elements, such as management, complexity, and password alternatives (multifactor authentication, certificates, and biometrics),
Describe remote access and site-to-site VPNs,
Configure and verify access control lists,
Configure Layer 2 security features (DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection, and port security),
Differentiate authentication, authorization, and accounting concepts,
Describe wireless security protocols (WPA, WPA2, and WPA3),
Configure WLAN using WPA2 PSK using the GUI

MCSA -TGM Academy


MCSA 2016

Microsoft's Windows Server operating system is a collection of operating systems that provide enterprise-level administration, data storage, applications, and communications. Previous versions of Windows Server have prioritized stability, security, networking, and file system enhancements.

The Hands-on with Windows Server 2016 course will teach you everything you need to know to effective administrate a Windows server.

Installing Server With Desktop
Installing Server Core
Server Manager
Remote Server Admin Tools
Windows Admin Center
PowerShell Remote

Installing Domain Services
Implementing Group Policy
Troubleshooting Group Policy
Installing Certificate Services
Configuring Certificate Services

Deploying DHCP
Deploying DNS

Implementing Storage Spaces
Implementing ISCSI

Installing Hyper-V
Configuring VMs

Creating Failover Clusters

Implementing VPNs
Implementing NPS

Performance Monitor
Event Viewer
Troubleshooting Tools

Cisco ASA Firewall - TGM Academy


Cisco ASA Firewall

In the course you will learn everything needed to install and configure a brand new Cisco ASA firewall with outbound internet access.

You will learn all commands needed to install the firewall.

In the first part of the course You will understand which required building blocks there are to get the firewall installed. For each step I will explain the reason, how it works and that there is to think about when configuring the Cisco ASA. This includes:

By the end of this course you will have a full knowledge of the different building blocks required to install a Cisco firewall.

Basic Configuration
Interface configuration
Security Levels
Management [Telnet / SSH]
Routing [RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP]
NAT [Dynamic/Static NAT, Dynamic/Static PAT, Manual NAT]
Access Policies
Transparent firewall
Access policies
Ethertype ACLs
Redundant Interfaces
Security Contexts
Failover [Active/Standby & Active/Active]
Deep-Packet Inspection using MPF
Tuning the global policy
Configuring custom L7 policy
Site – To – Site IPSec
Site – To – Site – NAT – T
Remote access



Checkpoint Firewall

In this Course, you will learn about Checkpoint Firewall Administration from Basic to Advanced Level within just 7 hours. No prior Checkpoint Knowledge is needed. This course will also help you setup your own Lab and also prepare for your CCSA certification.

I have tried to make this course as much simple as possible and as much Informative. it will also prepare you for the Interviews and also get a break in IT security Industry. It provides a platform for aspiring Networking candidates who want to switch to IT Security field and get a grasp on Next Generation firewalls and its Technologies in a very short time.

All possible topics like VPN, Clustering, Log Management, Unified Threat Management, Installation scenarios, patch Management, Configuring a Topology , creating Policies, optimizing Policies, Network Address Translation are covered. This course also covered the Best Deployment practices used in the Industry and some real world scenarios including the Tips and Tricks.

The course is equipped with step-by-step labs for all the topics and it is detailed yet simple. This course will provide you confidence to work on the Checkpoint and apply the same Methodology to other NGFW as well. You will definitely learn a lot in this course and will surely find this valuable.


Network Infrastructure

Master BluePrint to become IT Consultant, Designed by 18+ Years of Experienced Mr. Manjit Singh also known as Tech Guru Manjit | Founder of TGM Academy, IT Consultant, Corporate Trainer.

This NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE course will help you to improve yourself about networking Network Designing, Network Requirement Generation, Device Selection, and Cabling Infrastructure. If you are a Network Vendor or a Student who has completed the CCNA, CCNP, or any Networking Course, our Network Infrastructure certification program is great for you! You will get the certification easily with this Network Infrastructure course and begin your career as Network Consultant

. This Course is designed by Mr. Manjit Singh who has 18+ years of Experience in Designing and Implementing the big Networks of many Indian and MNC Companies, based on his real experience this course is designed and no other Institute is offering this type of course. By completing you can start your career as Network Consultant and you will be able to Design and Implement Corporates Network.

1. Types of Computer Networks
2. How to Troubleshoot wiring Infra
3. Network Infra Designing on Layer 3
4. Network Requirement Generation
5. Network power calculations
6. How to decide which model number to buy
7. How to Decide which Layer Device to use where
8. Configuration Planning
9. Data Center Networking Concept
10. Wiring of Data Center
11. Data Center Network Architecture
12. Site Handover Process

English Communication


English Communication

Whether you are a student or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman, your English communication skill needs to be perfect. TGM Academy Class learning platform helps to reinvent and recreate their personality with spoken English skills. Learn anytime, anywhere.

Do You Feel Nervous or Scared about Public Speaking/Communicating Fluently in English?

Did You Lose Your Dream Job in any Corporate or MNC due to your Inability to Speak Fluently in English?

Does Your Lack of English Knowledge Prevent You from having Interesting + Productive Conversations with Your Senior Colleagues or Peers?

Are You Feeling Embarrassed to Join a Regular Classroom-based Spoken English Training School?

Are You Determined to Acquire Good English Speaking Skills But don’t know How to Get Started?

If your answer is YES for any of the above questions, then you have landed at the right place. We can understand your pain! Most of our students come from a similar background but after the Course & with our Guidance, they are now Confident and Making a Name for themselves in their respective Areas of Life!

Let TGM Academy Class set you on your journey to learn and master spoken English, from the comfort and convenience of your home!

Get access to online learning resources We offer online spoken English courses where you get learning resources to practice and prepare yourself for both personal, academic, and professional growth.

HOW THIS COURSE WILL BENEFIT YOU: Speak English Fluently and Excel in Your Career

Simple and Practical Techniques to Speak English

Concise Assignments to Practice English

Fix Common English Errors to Speak and Write Precise English

Fix Common Pronunciation Mistakes and Speak English Confidently Develop Communication Skills to Impress Others

Improve Your Articulation Skills and Explain Your Views Before Your Boss, Interviewer, Clients, or Colleague Improve Listening Skills to Comprehend Others




This Course is designed to make you as expert in Troubleshooting where 100+ Labs will be provide with problems which you need to rectify.

Features of this Course

1. Packet Flow Labs
2. Layer 3 Labs
3. RIP Labs
4. Ospf Labs
5. Layer 2 Labs
6. Lan Labs
7. Redundancy Labs
8. Security Labs
9. etc.

Career Guidance


Career Guidance

This Career Guidance Course is designed in such a way that once you complete this course and you will be able to crack interviews and start your Career in IT Industry with full confidence.

Features of this Course

1. Resume Building
2. Social Profile Building
3. How to present yourself
4. Preparation of Interview
5. etc.

TGM Academy Certificate

Earn a Certificate

When you finish every course and complete the hands-on project, you’ll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Share your achievement

You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

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Thank you Manjit sir jee for everything.
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Manabenbra biswas
Dear all My experience with TGM Academy is very excellent, Specially I like teaching of Manjit sir .... His overall behaviour with students is very good .I would recommend every student join this institute
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burhan hamza
Very awesome teaching with practical
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Mayur Shrikar
TGM Academy, main jo teaching sikhane ka jo tarika hai, wo sbase acha or asan sa lagta hai. kafi details main Samaj main ata hai. Kisi ko bhi ek video bata do to use bhi yaha std karna asan sa lage ga.. ! Please share the video details for friends.
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Ankit Bhaskar
P.Panedhar Rao
teaching method is good. i like this class
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LomO Cz
Awesome teaching skills and awesome stuff to learn
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Md Siddiq
Awesome teaching center
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Three beast Vlog
Service is excellent
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