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In 2018, Launch Nirankari Infotech was the sole proprietary. After a lot of struggles, our company was registered with the name TGM Infotech Private Limited in 2022.


ISO Certified

We applied for ISO certification and we received it.



Re-define the education and employment system by creating a new breed of IT engineers. Empowering Education and Business Growth through IT. Creating seamless secure tech environments for success and long-term partnerships.



Ignite the l limitless potential of a billion learners every day by giving them access to limitless skills and a truly transformative learning experience.

We have trained 15000+ Students in the Network, Server, and Firewall domains. Started working as Digital Partner for business company incorporation - Started as an online IT Education and Digital Marketing Education platform.



We will provide a lot of content in 2024 which will be valuable for your career.

Education is everyone's right, education should not be a business.

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TGM Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is Trusted IT Training / IT Infrastructure Company in India, with Registered Office in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. We provide platform for Professional to up-level their skill, the way they want.

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