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CCTV & NETWORK TRAINING (Short Course) Self Study


3 Lessons 06hr 17min 103 Students Enrolled

Beginner Course Completion Certificate Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Hindi PC / Laptop / Mobile

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CCTV & Network Practical Course is a short course with Practical Knowledge for those who wanted to Understand CCTV & Computer Networks, Along with this course you will get Study Material and Course Completion Certificate. A CCTV and networking course teach participants how to design, install, and maintain closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems using network technology. The course covers a range of topics related to CCTV systems, including types of CCTV cameras, video recording and storage, cabling and connectors, and networking fundamentals. Participants also learn about the latest CCTV technologies and security standards.

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Course Description

The course may include hands-on training sessions where participants have the opportunity to install and configure CCTV systems using network technology. Participants will also learn about troubleshooting techniques to identify and resolve issues that may arise during the installation or maintenance of CCTV systems.

Overall, the course aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to install and maintain CCTV systems using network technology, as well as ensure the systems are operating efficiently and securely. It is suitable for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the security industry or for those looking to enhance their existing skills in CCTV and networking.

You can watch our CCTV & NETWORKING course videos from anywhere you want with any device such as a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.!

If you don’t understand a topic in the lesson, you can easily rewind the video and watch that part again and again. WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR CCTV & NETWORKING COURSE? You don’t need to know anything about CCTV & Networking, CCTV & Networking’s training will teach you every topic from zero. WHAT I WILL GET FROM THIS COURSE? You will learn about CCTV systems, including types of CCTV cameras, video recording and storage, cabling and connectors, and networking fundamentals which means you will be ready for the certification exam! 

CCTV & NETWORKING certification is an excellent step to start a career in the networking industry. 


A student who has completed the SENIOR SECONDARY.

They have a good internet connectivity

Students are required to have a PC, Laptop or Mobile device.

Course Curriculum
Basic Networking

Network Types
OSI Layer
Internet Protocols
IP Address and Classes
Public IP and Private IP
Color Codes
Crimping Practice


Introduction To CCTV Systems
Types Of CCTV Systems
Camera Selection And Design Concepts
Camera Types
Camera Specifications & Features
Analog & IP Camera
Introduction To Digital Video Recorder
Setting Up A DVR
DVR Structure And Sections
Classification Of DVR
Special DVRs
Local Access Configuration
Remote Access Configuration
Mobile Software Access
System Trouble Shooting

Career after this Course

CCTV Technician: As a CCTV Technician, you can expect a salary package ranging from INR 2-4 lakhs per annum.

Site Supervisor: As a Site Supervisor, you can expect a salary package ranging from INR 3-6 lakhs per annum. 

Network Administrator: As a Network Administrator, you can expect a salary package ranging from INR 3-8 lakhs per annum.

Security Engineer: As a Security Engineer, you can expect a salary package ranging from INR 4-12 lakhs per annum.

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