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Short Network Training Self-Study


23 Lessons 16hr 52min 9 Students Enrolled

Beginner Course Completion Certificate Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Hindi PC / Laptop / Mobile

₹ 99.00 ₹ 8000.00

Short Networking Theory & Practical Training along with Career Guidance

🎯 Discover the essentials of networking in our short course, where we cover basic networking concepts. Perfect for beginners, this course lays the groundwork for understanding networks. If you enjoy our teaching style, consider joining our comprehensive CCNA 200-301 full in-depth course.

This course is an excellent step to start a career in the networking industry. 

Easy to Understand Language

All the Courses provided in easy to understand language Hindi / English.

Live Doubt Sessions

Online Live Sessions are available with industry Experts.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't Like the Training, Refund will be given as per refund Policy.

Course Access

Course Access as per the course validity.


Course Completion Certificate will be provide on completion of Course.

Job Assistance

Once the course is completed, you can contact us for job assistance

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Course Description

🎯 Embark on your networking journey with our short course, designed to introduce you to the fundamental principles of networking. Whether you're new to the field or seeking a refresher, this course provides a solid foundation upon which to build your knowledge.

🎯  Throughout the program, we'll explore Essential networking concepts, including 
✔  Network Architecture, 
✔  Protocols, 
✔  IP Addressing, 
✔  Subnetting, 
✔   Routing, and Switching. 

🎯 Our teaching approach is user-friendly and accessible, making complex topics easy to understand for learners of all levels.

🎯  If you enjoy our teaching skills and like the content, you can buy our in-depth networking course CCNA 200-301.


Internet Connectivity

This course is for All levels of Students so there are no prerequisites.

Laptop or PC for Practical with i3 Processor & 16 GB of RAM.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Networking & Where is Internet Starting Point

How DATA Transmit over the Network

Understanding of IPv4 Address

Configuration, Understanding & Troubleshooting

Understanding of Structure Cabling

Introduction to Routing Static & Dynamic

Static Routing Configuration

Dynamic Routing Configuration

What is Virtual LAN Networking

Advance Virtual LAN Networking (ROAS)

Understanding of Network Redundancy

Wireless Networking

Importance of Security

Secure DATA Transportation over Unsecured Network

Career Roadmap for IT Industry (Career Guidance)

Career after this Course

This is a basic course of networking, after doing this you cannot claim for job unless and until you have full-depth knowledge of networking.
For the job you will have to have complete knowledge of networking, for that you can choose CCNA 200-301 Course

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