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4 Lessons 02hr 28min 32 Students Enrolled

Beginner Course Completion Certificate Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Hindi PC / Laptop / Mobile

₹ 2499.00 ₹ 48000.00

🔷 Basics to Advance Level Mastery

🔷  No Technical Background Needed 

🔷  Real-Time Problem Solving 

🔷  Regular Assignments & Assessments 

🔷  100% Practical with Concept Clarity

Easy to Understand Language

All the Courses provided in easy to understand language Hindi / English.

Live Doubt Sessions

Online Live Sessions are available with industry Experts.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't Like the Training, Refund will be given as per refund Policy.

Course Access

Course Access as per the course validity.


Course Completion Certificate will be provide on completion of Course.

Job Assistance

Once the course is completed, you can contact us for job assistance

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Course Description

Become a Digital Marketing Expert!

25+ Modules, 30+ Assignments, 1 Live Project, 30+ Marketing Tools, Regular Exams, 10+ Digital Marketing Certificates. Since digital marketing is a vast subject, we offer a comprehensive & structured course curriculum based on the m arket demand. But at the same time, we’ve avoided to over-fill the list unnecessarily. You learn what is in demand with in-depth concepts.

Digital Marketing Tools You'll Master

Master 40+ digital marketing platforms & tools used by digital marketing experts & agencies across the world. Digital marketers cannot imagine their life without tools. You will get practical experience in using these tools during the course.

Creator Studio                      
 Google Ads
 Google Analytics

Many more...

Why Learn Digital Marketing in 2024

If you want to grow your financial level fast you can opt for digital marketing as a rewarding career. Your goal might be to get your first job, explore new opportunities, re-start your career, support your existing business, look for work-from-home opportunities, do side hustle, become an influencer by growing your Instagram or YouTube channel, in-depth Knowledge of Digital marketing is a big win. The year 2024 would add many income opportunities via digital marketing. So, learn & go grab them.


🔷 Anyone having basic knowledge of the internet and well versed with using laptop. Whoever is using social media, is comfortable in English language, and has a ‘learning attitude’, can apply.

🔷  Preferably XII passed in education, Job Seekers, working professionals, freelancers, marketing students like BBA, MBA, entrepreneurs, business owners join this course.

Course Curriculum

What You Will Learn

🎯 25+ Modules, 30+ Assignments, 1 Live Project, 30+ Marketing Tools, Regular Exams, 10+ Digital Marketing Certificates. Since digital marketing is a vast subject, we offer a comprehensive & structured course curriculum based on the market demand. But at the same time, we’ve avoided to over-fill the list unnecessarily. 

You learn what is in demand with in-depth concepts.

⏩ Understanding Digital Marketing                
  Social Media Marketing
  Domain & Hosting management
  Content Writing
  Mastering WordPress
  Logo Designing
  Using Canva for Designing
  HTML | CSS | Javascript
  Using Photoshop for Designing
  Google ReMarketing
  Google Local SEO
  Google Tag Manager
  OnPage SEO
  Email Marketing
  Off-Page SEO
  Blogging & Adsense
  LP Design for Lead Generation
  Affiliate Marketing
  Google Search Console
  Influencer Marketing
  Google Analytics (GA4)   Facebook Ads
  Google My Business (Maps)   Instagram Ads
  Google Search Ads   Digital Marketing Strategy
  Google Video Ads   How to Find Clients    
  Google Display Ads
  Google Shopping Ads

Why Choose TGM Infotech for Digital Marketing Course in Jodhpur

At TGM Infotech, we offer the best Digital Marketing Course in Jodhpur. 100% Practical approach with in-depth concept clarity is our USP. Our classroom environment and learning eco-system helps even the beginners to perform better and gain confidence. More than 15000 students have successfully started their careers by joining our digital marketing institute.

🎓 Get Free Internship

After completion of digital marketing course, get a chance to avail a free 6 month digital marketing internship in our agency.

🔎 Doubt Solving Sessions

After each class, clear all your doubts with the trainer. Also, Join the DM Community.

Work on Live Projects

Practically implement all the concepts on your live project under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

Career after this Course

If you’re a fresher or a job-seeker, you can start your as per your education, interest, and skillsets. After completion of digital marketing course from TGM Infotech Pvt. Ltd. you can start your job in SEO, Social Media, Google & Meta Ads, or Content Writing & Marketing. Following are the most demanding entry-level jobs in the market.

🎯 SEO Specialist: responsible for a website’s ranking in Google search results.

🎯  Social Media Manager: Manage social media accounts, posting & ads management.

🎯  Content Writer: Use your writing skills to persuade customers & deliver results.

🎯  PPC Manager: Manage Paid Ads, Lead & Sales Generation Expert.

🎯  Website Designer: Design an eye-catching website that represents the brand.

🎯  Graphic Designer: Draw your Imagination to create amazing Graphic Designs.

🎯  YouTube Manager: Get Access to your Client's YouTube Studio to Grow their TY Channels.


A digital marketing course is a well-planned and structured training program which helps individuals to develop skills and knowledge needed to excel in internet marketing. It includes understanding of marketing jargon, hands-on experience of tools, various online marketing strategies used to promote products, services, and brands online. In digital marketing courses you learn how to reach a larger audience via different platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. It includes paid and organic approaches to increase reach.

Selecting the BEST digital marketing course depends upon your specific needs, learning style, and career goals. Before choosing a course, consider factors like your current skill level, your ease with learning like online or classroom. Also consider the reputation of the course provider, knowledge & experience of the trainer. Take advice from someone who is already working in digital marketing. If you are looking for the Best classroom course in Jodhpur, TGM Infotech is the name.

Digital marketing course fees at TGM Infotech ranges from Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 40,000 depending upon the batch you enroll.

Anyone who wants to gain digital marketing skills. You can be a 12th pass student, fresh graduate, working professional, non-working housewife, sales & marketing guy, entrepreneur, business owner, freelancer, corporate employee, or a job-seeker.

After deciding to learn digital marketing, the next step is to decide “How”. First you need to decide what your comfort style… learn by yourself from online courses or learning under some trainer. Both approaches have their own pros and cons. Where online courses give you flexibility & freedom to learn, Offline courses keep you on track and help you to set time-bound goals. If you can travel to the classroom, an offline course is the best way to make your learning curve short. TGM Infotech offers Jodhpur’s best digital marketing classroom course.

A comprehensive digital marketing course covers a broad range of topics to build your skills as a marketer. Such courses allow you to explore the most demanding fields of digital marketing. After completion of the course, you would be able to choose the correct field for future growth as per your personality & skill sets. It is like doing graduation and then moving to a specialization. Most commonly you learn to manage websites, content development, SEO, SMM, PPC Advertising, web analytics, email marketing, e-commerce marketing, influencer marketing, lead generation & digital marketing strategy.

Once you complete your digital marketing course, it’s time to leverage your knowledge to grow further. You must build a portfolio, earn certificates & prepare a professional resume. Apply for internships or entry-level jobs to gain hands-on real-life experience. During this period you must focus on getting positive marketing results so strengthen your portfolio. You can also start built-in your online personal brand via creating your own personal website, being active on social media, and producing content that shows your expertise. After a good enough experience and achieving results, you may start a Freelance or consulting career. You may build a good client base and earn good enough money. You can also apply your learning to your existing own or family business to grow your client base. Exploring new markets & new products might multi-fold your business.

Sales and marketing is the back-bone of every business. Digital marketing empowers businesses to reach out to new clients consistently. You’ve 2 options to learn digital marketing. Self-learn and apply yourself. It might include failure cost and time. (Sometimes very high and hidden) Join some well-structured courses, discuss with mentors and start taking informed decisions. Digital marketing courses are important if you want to expedite your learning process with a high success rate.

The duration of a digital marketing course may vary widely depending on the type of course, the depth of content, a self-paced program, or a structured course. It may range from 2 days workshop to a year-long program. Digital marketing course at TGM Infotech is of 4-5 months duration.

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