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Graphic Designing (Photoshop) [Basic to Advance] Self Study


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A graphic designing course is a structured program of study that teaches students the skills and techniques needed to create visual designs for various media. These courses can range from short online tutorials to full-time degree programs and can cover topics such as design principles, typography, color theory, software proficiency, layout, and communication. 

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Course Description

A graphic design course typically covers a range of topics related to creating visual designs for various media. The exact course content and duration can vary depending on the level of the course, the institution offering the course, and the specific focus of the course. By taking a graphic designing course, students can develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in graphic design or enhance their existing design skills for personal or professional use.

A typical graphic designing course might cover topics such as:

Basic design principles and elements

Color theory and color psychology

Typography and font selection

Layout and composition

Graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

Design for print and digital media

Branding and logo design

User experience (UX) design

Web design and development

You can watch our GRAPHIC DESIGNING course videos from anywhere you want with any device such as a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.!

If you don’t understand a topic in the lesson, you can easily rewind the video and watch that part again and again. WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A GRAPHIC DESIGNING COURSE? You don’t need to know anything about Graphic designing, Graphic designing training will teach you every topic from zero. WHAT I WILL GET FROM THIS COURSE? You will learn about Basic design principles and elements, Color theory and color psychology, Typography and font selection, Layout and composition, Graphic design software, Design for print and digital media, Branding and logo design, User experience (UX) design, Web design and development that means you will be ready for the certification exam! 

GRAPHIC DESIGNING certification is an excellent step to start a career in the Graphic Industry. 


A student who has completed the SENIOR SECONDARY.

They have a good internet connectivity.

Students are required to have a PC, laptop or mobile device.

Course Curriculum

What and Why Graphic Designing

Introduction to Photoshop

Basic Tools in Photoshop

Graphic design principles and methods

Working with layers in Photoshop

Working with Fx in Photoshop

Working with adjustment layers

Advanced tools in Photoshop

Masks & Layers and its Type

Color codes

Science of all blend Modes


Edit tab in Photoshop

Image tab in Photoshop

Layer tab in Photoshop

Type and Select tab in Photoshop

Filter Tab in Photoshop

Camera raw filter in Photoshop

Vanishing point Filter in Photoshop

Brush in Photoshop

Color Selection

Font selection

Types of images in Photoshop

Visual Identity Graphic Design

Marketing and advertising Graphic Designing

Depth Map

Frequency Separation

Displacement Map in Photoshop

Action feature in Photoshop

History Feature in Photoshop

Golden Ratio

Rule of Thirds

Product or Ad banner

Starting a Banner for a product

Making text and tagline crisp and Interactive

Taking elements from many other designs

Color selection

Font selection

High resolution image

Background Designing

Usage of colors

Placing text in correct place

Contrast in heading and body text

Placement of image

Matching images color with background

Making a design to look creative

Checking the poster with rule of thirds

Branding with logo and contacts

Fill up Empty areas

Giving it a professional touch

Using camera raw filter

Making a mockup

Using a mockup

Making it more natural

Photo Editing

Starting up with the details given by a client

Cut out the subject from the background

Match the subject

Cut effect in Photoshop

Removing dark Spots

Dodging and Burning

Soft skin effect in Photoshop

Cinematic color grading in Photoshop

Contrasty look in Photoshop

Black moody color grading in Photoshop

Orange moody color grading in Photoshop

Cleaning up Background in Photoshop

Background Change in Photoshop

Changing Cloths color in Photoshop

Turning black and White image to a Colorful image

Making pattern on Cloth

Printing logos on Cloths in Photoshop

Day to Night in Photoshop

Glass effect in Photoshop

Wet Glass effect in Photoshop

Removing Wrinkles in Photoshop

Photo manipulation

Making up the idea and raw

Picking up images for your manipulation

Removing extras and placing image

Selecting color theme for that manipulation

Using curves on every single image

Using hue saturation if Required

Matching saturation of all images

Giving all Images the Color Theme

Correcting Lighting

Making it Seamless

Using overlay and textures

Creating Effect of Glowing

Making Cinematic Lightings

Checking overall image

Using Camera raw filter

Making 3D Things in Photoshop

Logo Designing

What and Why Logo Designing

Principles of Logo Designing

Types of logos

Golden Ration and rules of Thirds in Logo Design

Generating Brief for a Logo

Creating multiple raw logo

Finding the best one and Starting designing

Selecting fonts if Required

Selecting colors

Making it Final

Practice makes a Man Perfect

Product Banner

Photo Editing

Photo Manipulation

Logo Designing

Variables in mockups

Career after this Course

Graphic Designer: As a graphic designer, you can expect an average salary range of INR 2-5 lakhs per annum.

Brand Identity Designer: As a brand identity designer, you can expect an average salary range of INR 3-7 lakhs per annum.

UI/UX Designer: As a UI/UX designer, you can expect an average salary range of INR 3-8 lakhs per annum.

Art Director: As an art director, you can expect an average salary range of INR 6-18 lakhs per annum.


To learn the art and skills of creating appealing graphics, you must do a graphic designing course. It prepares you for building a great career by top tools required to design multiple types of graphics, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, etc.

Candidates are informed that a major part of the graphic design job profile is such that aspirants do not need to draw by hand. Thus, in order to excel in this field, it is not mandatory to be good at drawing. On a typical workday, graphic designers need to use art/graphics to enhance as well as promote a product, enterprise, and the like.

Anyone who is interested in learning graphic design and making a career in this field can do the graphic design course. Whether you are a Student, Graduate, Job seeker, Marketing professional, Housewife, or Business owner, you can learn this skill.

Admission criteria differ depending on the institution, however the overall prerequisites for admission to Graphic Design Courses after the 12th grade remain the same. Aspirants who have cleared their 10+2 from any stream (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) can pursue a Graphic Design course at the graduation level.

Artists and creative minds interested in animations, web design, graphic design, photo shopping, design, and illustrations can enroll in this four-year bachelors degree programmed and go on to become Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Art Designers, Graphic Design Instructors, Visual Designers, and Computer Graphics Artists. Those interested in furthering their education might pursue a Master of Design (M.Des) degree. Candidates with a B.Des (Graphic Design) degree have a wide range of prospects, and they can work in a variety of fields.

Yes. It is a certification course in graphic designing, which means you will be rewarded with a certificate on course completion by TGM InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

Yes. Everything in Graphic designing (Photoshop)self-study from TGM InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. covered from zero level.

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