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16 Lessons 03hr 37min 32 Students Enrolled

Beginner Course Completion Certificate Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Hindi PC / Laptop / Mobile

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🎯Learn to create stunning, professional websites without any coding skills. This course covers everything you need to know.

  • Design and develop websites with user-friendly tools.
  • Easily create pages and navigation menus.
  • Create and integrate inquiry forms
  • Launch your website online in a few simple steps and many more..

🎯 Transform your web design dreams into reality without any coding skills!

Easy to Understand Language

All the Courses provided in easy to understand language Hindi / English.

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Online Live Sessions are available with industry Experts.

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Course Completion Certificate will be provide on completion of Course.

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Course Description

What will you learn in this WordPress Course

🔷How to design & develop websites without coding knowledge.

🔷 How to buy a domain name and web hosting.

🔷 How to create pages and menu easily.

🔷 How to embed Google Maps on your website.

🔷 How to add animations to your webpages.

🔷 How to create inquiry forms.

🔷 How to create backup of your website.

🔷 How to launch your website on the internet with just a few steps.

🔷 How to start your own home-based web design business.


✔ Basic Computer Skills

✔  Internet Access

✔  Willingness to Learn

✔  No Prior Coding Experience Needed

Course Curriculum

 Module #1 - Welcome to Course  

 Module #2 

Lecture 1: What is a Website & Why People spending thousands for a website?

 Module #3 

Lecture 2: What is a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

Lecture 3- How to buy Web Hosting and Domain Name

Lecture 4- Understanding cPanel and Installing WordPress

Lecture 5- Creating a Business Email.

Lecture 6: Installation of Wordpress on your Local PC

 Module #4 

Lecture 7: WordPress themes and plugins

Lecture 8: How to Install Themes & Plugins

Lecture 9: Creating Webpages and Menu

Lecture 10: WordPress Basic Settings

 Module #5 

Lecture 11: Understanding Sections, Heading, Image, Button, Text Editor Elements, etc.

Lecture 12: Understanding Columns and Creating Box Shadow Hover Effect

Lecture 13: How to Duplicate Content and use Inspect Element Feature

Lecture 14: What is Image Box Element?

Lecture 15: Creating the Testimonials Section

 Module #6 

Lecture 16: Creating About us Page

 Module #7 

Lecture 17: How to Create the Services Page

 Module #8

Lecture 18: Contact Page - Embedding Google Map

Lecture 19: Contact Page - Creating Inquiry Form

Lecture 20: Contact Page - Putting Contact Details

Lecture 21: Creating Blog Posts

Lecture 22: How to Design Logo

Lecture 23: Creating the Custom Header

Lecture 24: How to Make a Mobile Responsive Header

Lecture 25: Creating the Custom Footer

Lecture 26: Adding Animations to Elements

Lecture 27: How to Create a Banner Slider

 Module #9 

Lecture 28: Difference Between Landing Pages and Website

Lecture 29: Create Landing Page for Wordpress Course

 Module #10 

Lecture 30: What is Freelancing

Lecture 31: How to find Leads?

Lecture 32: How Approach Clients

Lecture 33: How Close Clients

Career after this Course

Web Design Agency Employee: As a Web Design Agency Employee, you can expect a salary package ranging from 4-8 lakhs per annum.

E-commerce Site Manager: As an E-commerce Site Manager, you can expect a salary package ranging from 4-9 lakhs per annum.

Freelance Web Designer: As a Freelance Web Designer, you can expect a salary package ranging from 3-10 lakhs per annum.

Website Consultant: As a Website Consultant, you can expect a salary package ranging from 5-10 lakhs per annum.

Web Design Business Owner: As a Web Design Business Owner, you can expect a salary package ranging from 5-15 lakhs per annum.


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